Few objects, like women's bags, represent much more than an accessory. The bag, close to the body, held in the hands, under the arm or over the shoulder, accompanies days of women, who are all very different from each other, on every occasion. But more than anything else, it contains their universe, their secrets and their personality. Plinio Visonà knew this well when in 1959, still an artisan, he founded his company, which over the years has established itself in the market, indulging their tastes and often anticipating them. From the very beginning, Plinio Visonà understood how the attention to detail combined with the quality of the leather and a sober, original and timeless design would take the brand that bears his name far away. The "simplicity" of a concept still resides in the professional heritage of Plinio Visonà today: a recognizable aesthetic that suffices periodicals, imperceptible but with very sophisticated restyling keep the bag always up to date.

It is the hallmark that characterizes all the collections, the stylistic signature of Plinio Visonà. Patent and registered trademark, the particular stitching inspired by the world of SELLERIA, the art of saddlery, gives an allure of craftsmanship to all creations. The founder of the brand, Plinio Visonà, the master craftsman, realized this hand stitching in the 1970s. Subsequently, leaning towards a more industrialized vision of the cycle, he managed to personally design and patent a machine to make "in series", the famous stitching that characterized every collection. The "VISONA Stitch", as it is called today, is for us, the signature of Plinio Visonà and it represents a very strong link, even symbolic, with the origins of this company and its founder.

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